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We Purchase Structured Settlements and Annuities

Court Awarded Structured Settlements are annuity-styled income streams paid by a life insurance company to compensate an injured individual as the result of a personal injury lawsuit, medical malpractice suit, wrongful death suit or any other type of liability settlement.  As a result of injury or wrongful death, plaintiffs are commonly awarded very large settlements.  Rather than receiving the settlement in a lump sum, however, the injured party most commonly receives the money as monthly or periodic installments in the form of an annuity.

Through our seasoned contract buyers at GCJ Capital, we can provide beneficiaries of annuity-styled structured settlement periodic payments with a LUMP SUM Cash Out option which can be used to:

We Purchase Lotteries and Gaming Awards

If you are the winner of a state sponsored lottery or if you have been fortunate to have won a casino jackpot you may be surprised to discover your award is to be paid in a series of monthly installments or an "annuity", rather than an immediate lump sum award.  You have additional options to receive these funds, however, available through GCJ Capital.

Through GCJ Capital, winners of a lottery or gaming jackpot can elect to receive a complete LUMP SUM Cash Out of the remaining periodic payments, sell a percentage of the remaining award, or sell a specific number of future payments for a partial liquidation.

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